There's no place to enjoy a number of amazing activities


You have access to every activity within the zone


For a full body workout enjoy our trampoline park.

Test your strength and agility!

Here you will find several activities all with the safety of our foam pit surrounding. Our duelling beam allows you to compete with your friends and family in this Gladiator style event. Try out our stepping stones to see if you can get across without falling into the pit. The new addition of our slack line gives you the opportunity to test your balance to extreme levels! Last but not least HANG TOUGH, can you make it across? Are you strong enough or fit enough?

Please note: Bouncers must use the trampoline park responsibly and follow the rules in the safety briefing. Follow the safety instructions of the Limitless marshals and sign the waiver before jumping.

For safety and hygiene all bouncers must wear Limitless trampoline grip-socks when jumping. Only £2 a pair, and once you’ve purchased them they’re yours to keep and use again at Limitless!

If you’re keen to give this a try, click the button below to book in your Limitless experience.

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