Let your toddler have fun whilst knowing they are safe


Your toddler will have access to the whole park


Let your toddler burn off that energy and stay healthy

Little people get to bounce too!Little people get to bounce too!

Toddler sessions is our trampoline session for the little ones. We’ve create a dedicated session away from all the big kids for under 5s to enjoy.

* Toddlers who are able to walk and are under the age of 6 years old

 Toddler sessions are ideal for working off some of that unquenchable toddler energy.

 1 parent is allowed to accompany their toddler for free. Any more parents who would like to join in would be required to pay £5 each. Each toddler must be accompanied by a parent/guardian and each parent/guardian must purchase a pair of grip socks (£2 per pair).

 View our Timetable for our slot times for bounce sessions.

Please note: Bouncers must use the trampoline park responsibly and follow the rules in the safety briefing. Follow the safety instructions of the Limitless marshals and sign the waiver before jumping.

For safety and hygiene all bouncers must wear Limitless trampoline grip-socks when jumping. Only £2 a pair, and once you’ve purchased them they’re yours to keep and use again at Limitless!

If you’re keen to give this a try, click the button below to book in your Limitless experience.

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