This is Limitless Inflta park, Wales first ever inflatable theme park


Inflated across the whole 12,000 square foot park, our giant inflatable theme park promises hours of fun and entertainment for all the family. Providing a unique and expansive bouncing experience you can literally bounce your way from one of the park to the next, stopping off on the way to try out all the other exciting and unique Inflatapark activities.

Assault Course

Endless fun awaits on our exciting and challenging 39 Metre assault course. Race through the blockades, rollers and poles like a military hero before scaling the ladder and then down the slides to the end of the course.

Gladiator Zone

Challenge your friends to see who is the best gladiator in the battle of the bounce…. Not for the feint hearted as our rock’n rolling beams make the battle even harder to win!

Extreme Drop Slides

Our two extreme drop slides will have you coming back for more exhilarating experiences as you climb up to the top and zoom at top speed down to the bottom.

Climbing Wall

Push yourself to the limit and as you tackle the climb of your life with our 5-metre inflatable climbing wall. Test your nerves and climbing skills in this challenging ascent as you make your way to the peak of the park.

Total Wipe Out Balls

You may have seen the giant inflatable balls on the famous Total Wipeout TV programme. Well now you can take it on yourself at Limitless Inflata Park. You will need to be light on your feet like a ninja and move with speed as you set out to beat the Total Wipe Out Balls Challenge.

Other Activities

There are loads more other activities at the Limitless Inflata Park including a dedicated bish-bash zone, ball pits and a basketball area.

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