have fun

10 HOURS of fun filled mayhem throughout the night!

a night to remember

We guarantee you won't find another sleepover party like ours!

the best

The ONLY Inflata Park in Wales! Be the first to have an Ultimate Sleepover!

the biggest and best sleepover party in wales!!!

We have the ultimate sleepover party here at Limitless Inflata Park. 

Invite your friends, family, groups, teams and anyone else who you’d like to run wild with through the night. All parties start at 9pm and last all the way until the sun comes up at 7am! 

Whats the price?

Our sleepover package price is £40pp with a minimum of 20 people. (A deposit of £10pp will be needed to confirm the booking)

Whats Included?

  • A through the night buffet including unlimited squash
  • Ultimate games and fun 
  • Breakfast in the morning 
  • Our cafe will be open ALL NIGHT for you to purchase any other snacks you may want
  • 2 members of staff will be on site at all times (including a First Aider) 
For adult parties containing alcohol or for any other queries. Please do not hesitate in contacting us. 
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